Love Fresh Juice? Get The VonShef Electric Citrus Fruit Juicer Juice Extractor!

Who doesn’t love a fresh glass of orange juice first thing in the morning? What about grapefruit, lemons, limes or any other citrus you think of? With the VonShef Electric Citrus Fruit Juicer Juice Extractor, the sky’s the limit on what sort of juice that you can make. Well, that and what fruits you can get your hands on at the time. This unit will answer all of your juicer needs, and if you keep reading you will learn just how this machine can transform your meals and snacks.

No longer stuck with boxed or frozen juice from concentrate, you can finally have the good stuff! That is right, you can finally say goodbye to those sweet sugary, filled with additives juices that are on every convenience store shelf. Now you can switch to the way healthier option of fresh juice, all you need is this juicer and a bag of your favourite citrus fruits! Nothing could be simpler, and better for you at the same time!

The Juicer That Just Keeps On Going

This juicer is packed full of features that just seem to work perfectly together for you the consumer! This unit is set up to be sure that you can make the best juice, and quickly too. We all know that if are not able to put the juice out right away the meal will be over and the people have gone before the oranges are even cut. This juicer helps with that as it can make the juice fast, with no mess and serves multiple people out of just one full pitcher. The features that you can find outlined on Amazon are as follows:

VonShef Electric Citrus Fruit Juicer Features

● 25W motor
● Two direction twist technology
● Two interchangeable cone attachments
● Large 1.2L with anti-drip spout
● Adjustable filter to control the amount of pulp

This machine is built to do one thing and do one thing really well, and that makes the best juice you can find. The limits are really only what you can imagine because if you can find the fruits this machine will make the juice for sure! Ever wanted to make mix juices, you can do it with this juicer. Just change the cone and you can go from big grapefruit, down to small limes all in one machine. I wonder what Grapefruit Lime juice tastes like? If I had the VonShef Electric Citrus Fruit Juicer Juice Extractor is could make some and find out!

Features Are Great, But How Does This Help Me Get Great Fresh Juice?

While the 25W motor all you have to do is hold the fruit in place and let the spinning action twist all the juicy goodness out. With 25W of power, it will be more than enough to power through the soft insides of oranges and get the liquids flowing. The two directions of spinning help to make sure that all the juice is extracted from the hard to reach places. If you are going to make juice, you want to be sure you get every last drop! Nothing is worse than starting to make juice to find that the juicer is not strong enough for the job, or the cone is not the right size or shape to get all the juice out.

To make sure that you actually do get all the juice there are two different sized cone attachments. This means that you can switch up to the larger one for the big fruit, like grapefruit, and down to the smaller cone on smaller fruit, like lemons and limes. This is to be sure that you are not working the machine too hard. Also, allow you to get the most fruit juice you can from the fruit.

Before the juice can actually flow into pitcher it has to past through the strainer. Everyone has opinions on how much pulp is the right amount. That is what makes that fact you can set the strainer for your personal preference. If you are a really amazing host you can set this differently and pour for each person, custom ordered juice pulp levels for everyone.

Once the juice is flowing, you can see how much juice you are getting with the handy markings on the side of the pitcher. Once it is all filled up and ready to serve you can take the container right to the table, or fridge, and pour right out of it. That is way more convenient than having to drain the juicer into a different pitch regularly. This is all about making life easier for you!

Almost everyone likes to have a healthy option on their table and in their home. The ability to bypass the sugary juices that can be found in grocery stores, and have fresh juice is something that you will love. Let’s face it, fresh juice is classy, only the fancy places serve it to their guests. Now you can have your kitchen on the list of high-class establishments that serve fresh juice! All you need to get on this exclusive high-end list … get yourself the VonShef Electric Citrus Fruit Juicer Juice Extractor.

There are a few must-have items that need to be in everyone’s kitchen, and a juicer is one of those items. If you are going to get one for your kitchen, it needs to be the VonShef Electric Citrus Fruit Juicer Juice Extractor. The price is right, the features are great and you can get it quick and easy from Amazon right now. You know you want one, you know you would use one, you know you would rather drink fresh juice any day. Why not click the link and head over to Amazon and get yours on its way to you right now?

Amazon Is The Perfect One Stop To Get Your VonShef Electric Citrus Fruit Juicer Juice Extractor!

Amazon really is pulling out all the stops for you. They have product reviews and reviews of their service for you to look at. It is always a good thing to know what other people are saying about the products that you’re thinking of buying and the services that you are thinking of using. With one click shopping and a streamlined checkout service, it is super easy and super fast to get your product on the way.

Tired of waiting to know if the order can be filled? Amazon has their live stock levels posted right on the page for everyone to see. If you order, it updates. If they have it in stock, it ships quickly! In a word, that is SERVICE! We haven’t even started to talk about the different shipping options and the fact that you can very likely get your purchases shipped for free! Free is good, really good!

Amazon has a huge list of services they offer to their customers, and they are an industry leader in the online shopping and delivery marketplace. If you are thinking of getting the VonShef Electric Citrus Fruit Juicer Juice Extractor you really need to be getting it on Amazon! Go right now and check it out!

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