Vitamix 5200 Reviews: Variable Speed Countertop Blender

Vitamix 5200 Reviews

Vitamix 5200 Reviews: Product Description

Just like the names of these two appliances suggest, a juicer extracts juice from vegetables and fruits while the main purpose of a blender is to liquefy fruits, grains, vegetables and other materials without separating anything. Selecting between a juicer and a blender largely depends on what you want as the end product of food processing. For instance, if you wish to let the fiber from fruits and vegetables remain after you finish processing, it would be appropriate to go for a blender in preference to a juicer.

Features & Benefits

The Vitamix 5200 is undoubtedly among the best blenders in the market if not the ultimate best. The model is an improvement over the 5000 series which also hit home appliance shelves in its time. Below is detailed information on features, capabilities and generally, what people had to say on Vitamix 5200 blender reviews.

The first thing you notice about the blender is an exceptional design. Apart from the obviously intriguing shape, the product comes with an ergonomically designed handle and matching controls to ease handling during operation. The unit sources its power from a 120 volt outlet; the power cable is 6 feet long but can perfectly fit under the unit’s base so that it’s easy to carry the blender. The unit has three controls on its front panel. One is the power on/off button, the next is a dial and the last one is a high speed switch which helps the user adapt the blender to different applications.

After purchasing the blender, you will get a DVD which gives you instructions on what you should do with the blender. Included in the content are whole food recipes and a user’s manual which has important information on how you should get the unit to deliver desired results. The lid is spill proof and also doubles as a measuring cup.

The model comes in black, white and red. You will probably fall in love with the 64 oz blending jar which just like all other components is made from high end co-polyester. You should note that the material which is used to manufacture the blending jar is BPA free and sourced from Eastman which is a leading manufacturer in consumer product plastics.

Technical Features

The best thing about the VitaMix 5200 is the powerful motor which rotates at a maximum of 240 mph. the 2 horsepower mortar enables the unit to grind food quickly and smoothly. You can use the dial to control the speed of the blades. At maximum speed, the heat generated by the blender actually cooks whatever you are blending although this is only needed if you actually want the mixture that way. With a 64oz blending jar which is probably the biggest compared to what other blenders offer, you do not need to process your food in batches. It is just convenient, beautiful and worth every penny you spend on it.

Product Cons

Critics will never cease but are there any significant cons on the 5200 series? Some people said that using the tamper was a bit difficult and took some time to adapt to even when one used the tamper manual. Some also said that the unit was too large or rather tall and did not fit on counter tops which had a cabinet above it. However, it was hard to decide if this was actually a benefit or a drawback since the large blending jar is needed to help you evade the hassles of processing food in batches. Bottom line, this blender is top notch and there are no significant cons which would make a consumer fail to purchase it.


The vita mix 5200 has been around since 2007 and there is no sign of another model beating it unless Vita mix decides to make improvements. Ever since it was launched, it has received many praise reviews from people who purchased it and is still on the best blender list. It is an important addition to your kitchen appliances and especially to people who like grinding their food.

To see further details on the vitamix 5200 check out the Owners Manual. As well see the comparison table here for the Blendtec Total Blender vs the Vitamix 5200 Variable Speed Countertop Blender

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