Is Juicing Expensive? Suggestions for Making Juicing Affordable

Is Juicing Expensive

Many people looking to start juicing often ask; is juicing expensive? It’s a legitimate and pressing concern. Here we will address the expense of juicing and some suggestions for making juicing affordable. It’s true that juicing can get expensive. This is especially true if you don’t know how to go about it. But once you […]

Vitamix 5200 Reviews: Variable Speed Countertop Blender

Vitamix 5200 Reviews

Vitamix 5200 Reviews: Product DescriptionJust like the names of these two appliances suggest, a juicer extracts juice from vegetables and fruits while the main purpose of a blender is to liquefy fruits, grains, vegetables and other materials without separating anything. Selecting between a juicer and a blender largely depends on what you want as the […]

10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Sprouts


Brussel sprouts popularly known as sprouts are small green leafy buds which resemble miniature cabbages. They flourish well in cool weather or light frost conditions. Sprouts grow to around 90cm in height. They are rich in dietary fiber, protein, minerals and antioxidants which all play crucial roles in maintaining a healthy body. Botanically, sprouts belong […]

What is Juicing – Must Guide Beginning Juicing


Juicing has grown enormously popular over the last few years and for good reason. Everyone from professional athletes to the average person can benefit from juicing. Of course, there is nothing new about juicing fruits and vegetables. People have been doing it for thousands of years. The arrival of modern juicers has made it a […]

Jack Lalanne PJP Power Juicer: Pro Stainless-Steel Electric Juicer

Jack Lalanne PJP Power Juicer

Are you into juicing? Have you been frustrated with your current juicer that lacks power? Are you looking for a juicer that is less noisy and mess-free? Then get to know the Jack Lalanne PJP Power Juicer.The Jack Lalanne PJP Power Juicer is a high performing centrifugal stainless-steel juicer. This juicer has a patented extraction […]