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5 Best Cold Press Juicer Reviews for 2020

In case you would like to begin juicing, however do not understand how do you locate the finest cold press juicer? Juicing isn’t just fashionable right now but also quite healthy for you. Nevertheless, deciding on the best juicer may be a vexing endeavor. There are various kinds of the juice as well as juicers they produce is distinct in a number of manners.

Cold pressed juice is an extremely top quality juice, which can be bottled and kept for a day or two and still look and taste fresh. The nutritional quality stays essentially undamaged by the juicing procedure, as well as the juice is much more appealing than juice and not as frothy from various other kinds of juicers. It is taken out using a cold press juicer, also called a slow or masticating juicer, by crushing the pulp that actually presses the juice out of the fruit or vegetables.

Top 3 Cold Press Juicer Reviews

Whether you’re a juicer pub owner trying to find a great cold press machine or a hardcore juicer fan, you may keep reading this guide to see what’re my top 3 picks for cold press juicers for 2015.

1. Juicepresso CJP-03 Cold Press Juicer

Juicepresso CJP-03

When looking to purchase a juicer, simple wash up is a significant variable to be considered. I do not enjoy to spend too much time and these quite few components suit me great if you are like me!

Juicepresso Pulp might be utilized in lots of delightful recipes to baby food from baked goods! Chilly press juicers produce up to 40% more juice than high speed juicers. The machine basically pays for itself. Centrifugal juicers that are conventional work at high speed. Spinning blade or a shredder disk is utilized to pulverize vegetables and fruits against a metal strainer, creating a force that separates the juice from the pulp. Juicepresso works at a really slow 40 supplying maximum juice extraction.

Juicepresso supplies up to 40% more juice although juicing time stays the same as centrifugal juicers. The patented, dishwasher safe three in one screw makes clean up simple and quick. You can juice less frequently since pressed juice continues up to three days in your refrigerator.

This effectively retains all the enzymes and nutrients in vegetables and fruits, creating juice with no separation. Cold pressed juice may endure for up to 72 hours in the fridge and will not oxidize rapidly. The pulp that’s created is also considerably drier, meaning the maximum quantity of juice was extracted from vegetables and fruits.

Having said all that, I’d like to reiterate that JuicePresso CJP-03 is made by a reputable firm, Coway Korea, that spends millions of dollars on . R&D This juicer, although a “fundamental” unit that does not come with all the frills, is a fairly adequate slow juicer that’s appropriate for small families who do not need to spend too much on a juicer.

2. Breville BJS600XL Slow Juicer

The Breville BJS600XL is the response to the Omega VRT350 of Breville. It’s Breville’s perpendicular masticating juicer aimed at juicers that are savy using an adequate quantity of money to spend on a fresh juicer.

Not merely does it make more juice from leafy greens and fruits that are softer, the juice is of higher quality.

The Juice Fountain Crush makes clean-up and juicing simple. With attributes like a secure beginning system which requires all parts to be locked in before the juicer beginnings, inverse direction control, and an overload protection system that automatically stops the machine from operating when the load is too high, the Juice Fountain Crush makes operation safe and simple. So your morning glass of juice will not awaken the remainder of the family, and even though it is strong, the Juice Fountain Puppy Love’s 240 watt motor runs gently.

The juicer feels nicely built as well as reviews are primarily positive and it juices tough produce easily. Nevertheless, I find it certainly hard to warrant purchasing it when you’re able to get the Omega for almost the same cost. Should you enjoy Breville as a brand it is an excellent juicer.

3. Hurom HU-100 Masticating Juicer

Hurom HU-100

Based on one auger layout, the Hurom HU-100 optimizes the efficiency of auger by choosing this theory much farther, established juicers. It processes fruits, vegetables, wheat grass and soy by taking more time with greater efficacy.

Instead of simply smashing the pulp, it uses two phases with the first dedicated to the next squeezing maximum juice from the pulp as well as crushing. The consequence of the original double juicing process is a considerably drier pulp as well as a higher return. When compared with centrifugal juicers, the Hurom HU-100 manages to generates 50 percent more output.

Additionally, it keeps the nutritional profile of all fixings with a more freshness and flavor. There’s barely any foaming and frothing. Cleaning this juicer is at least as simple. You just need to make use of water to self-clean the juicer. Its small, strong and streamlined.

Or to put it differently, it unites it with the size as well as form factor of a centrifugal juicer and brings the greatest of masticating juicers. Because of its slow speeds, the noise levels are restrained and durability is ensured with GE Ultem Auger. It has a rough and fine double phase filter set, self cleaning pulp extraction plugs, tamper, 50 oz juicing cup, brush, screen holder as well as a guide.

The Hurom HU-100 has got all of the advantages of a centrifugal juicer for example compactness and affordability with no disadvantages of a masticating juicer like nagging and sound care conditions. It is a fantastic juicer for fruits and veggies with barely any important disadvantages. We suggest you head over to and view the purchase price before you go elsewhere.


So you have made a decision to get the most from your fruits and vegetable, and you are trying to find the most effective cold press juicer for your requirements. There are many moderately priced alternatives to pick from. All the best slow juicers take out a higher percentage of liquid from the food in relation to the centrifugal juicers.

Many cold press juicer reviews assert you could get from 35% to 50% more juice from equivalent quantities of vegetables or fruit than you’ll with a centrifugal juicer. This undoubtedly balances out the higher price of the appliance by using less raw material, since you will save money!

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