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Breville BJE200XL Review: Compact 700 Watt Juice Fountain

Breville BJE200XL Review

Welcome to our Breville BJE200XL Review.All across the globe, a lot of people are discovering the health benefits of juices. Many people report increase in immunity, enhanced energy, colon cleanse effects, better skin and organ functioning, weight loss and a lot more. As the body absorbs nutrients from vegetables and fruits, the benefits of juicing […]

Omega VRT350 Review: Heavy Duty Low Speed Masticating Juicer


The Omega VRT350 is a rarity among juicers. It’s a masticating design yet at a glance you could easily mistake it for a centrifugal model. But the VRT350 has many more surprises in store. Omega VRT350 Review in DetailsDual-Stage Masticating Juicing ProcessThe Omega VRT350 is a dual-stage masticating juicer. In this case, that means something […]

Breville JE98XL Review: Juice Fountain Plus Juice Extractor

Breville JE98XL Review

For those looking for an efficient juicer, Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus can be the perfect acquisition in their kitchen. It can easily extract fresh juice of your choice of fruits and vegetables. JE98XL is an entry-level juicer. According to the various customer reviews; it is capable of withstanding heavy use due to its power. […]

How To Grow Wheatgrass: Enjoy the Many Benefits of Wheatgrass


Benefits of WheatgrassWheatgrass is grass of the plant known as Triticum aestivum. It has many vitamins and nutrients such as Calcium, Vitamin A, and Selenium, to name a few. Wheatgrass is known for its many health benefits that include boosting the immune system and protecting the body from disease. It has been known to help […]

Breville BJS600XL Review: Fountain Crush Masticating Slow Juicer


This juicer stands out because of many things, the most notable being the quality of juice the juicer produces. The Breville BJS600XL juicer juices slowly and thoroughly resulting in unmatched juice quality. If you are keen on discovering many other reasons why the Breville BJS600XL stands out, look no further. Below is a detailed Breville […]

Five Things you Need to Know About Juicing For Health


How to start juicing for health? Juicing is becoming increasingly popular throughout the health and fitness world in the past few years. Juicing is, in essence, just taking the juice out of your common fruits and vegetables and drinking it instead of eating the fruits and vegetables raw. This not only helps with transferringthe nutrients, […]